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Meri White

Recipe for Royal Icing using Meri-White

A quicker and more economical alternative to Pure Albumen for making Royal Icing.  Order Now
NB  Royal Icing made with Meri-White will not be as strong as icing made with Pure Albumen, so will not be suitable for run-outs or extension work.  Detailed piping may also be better done with Albumen icing, as the stronger icing stands up better to the warmth of your hands through the piping bag.
Royal Icing made with Meri-White will be very marginally whiter than icing made with Albumen - you will need to use the same type of icing for the entire cake, or the difference may be noticeable.
Recipe for Royal Icing using Meri-White

Using these quantities produces nearly 1kg Royal Icing. 

This mix is an ideal size for making in a domestic Kenwood Chef or Kitchenaid mixer bowl.  

  • Meri-White                             20 g
  • Luke Warm Water                133 ml
  • Seived Icing Sugar                 800 g
  • First ensure all equipment is totally clean and grease free.
  • Mix together the Meri-white and water ~ this will mix much quicker than pure albumen.
  • Add half the sugar and mix by hand until fully incorporated.
  • Add the remaining icing sugar, little by little, then use your mixer and beater attachment (not whisk) to beat (on the slowest speed) until the icing is at the desired consistency.  The amount of icing sugar needed may vary.
  • Cover the icing with a clean damp cloth or teatowel and overwrap in polythene to prevent drying out.
  • NB This icing sometimes softens after about an hour.  If this happens, add a little extra icing sugar and re-beat.
  • Icing which has stood for a few days will need a little more meri-white solution and icing sugar to 'revitalize' it!

Consistency of Royal Icing


Soft Peak          Used for coating cakes

Full Peak          Used for decorative work and borders

Thick Cream    Used for filling runouts and collars.   The icing is 'let down' by adding water,     albumen or egg whites

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