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Crimpers | Cake Decorating Tools

Using Crimpers

Crimpers are tools that can be likened to a pair of tweezers.  They are designed to create many different decorative patterns on sugarpaste  e.g. Heart, holly, bow, vee or curved, triple scallop etc.  Available in two sizes, ½”(13mm)  and  ¾”(19mm), you can choose whether to have plain or serrated teeth, and open or closed design! Crimpers may be used in conjunction with other tools to create more intricate patterns if desired. 

To use           

Each crimper is complete with a rubber 'O' ring band, and the position of this will determine the width of the ‘crimp’. Hold the crimper with the teeth at the width chosen, and push into reasonably thick sugarpaste, to a depth of approx. 2-3 mm.  Pinch the teeth together and carefully remove from paste keeping the width of the teeth the same.  Continue the pattern.  Take care not to push the crimper in too far, otherwise the cake may show through.


Practice the technique on some leftover sugarpaste first.  You will find it a very quick and easy way to apply a pattern to your paste.  Various  depths of paste and width of teeth will all give  different results!

You may need to leave the sugarpaste to firm up for 10 mins or so before starting.

While using dip the teeth into icing sugar or petal base to prevent sticking.

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