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Basic Equipment For Sugarflowers

Basic Equipment For Sugarflowers & Models

What basic equipment do I need to start making sugar flowers and models?

 1.  Non stick board – suggest 254 x 177mm is a good size.

 2.  Non stick rolling pin – 9” is ideal.

 3.  Foam pad – set of 2 (plain and Mexican hat)

 4.  Modelling tools  ( bone tool, ball tool, sugarcraft knife, bulbous cone, Flower/leaf shaper and double ended cutting wheel are probably the most used ) or buy a set of 8.

 5.  Cutters – the cutters most used are rose (petal/leaf/calyx), ivy leaf, 5 petal blossom, heart, daisy). Others can be added later.

 6.  Veiners – start with rose leaf and ivy leaf.  A good general veining tool is the Jem which is ideal for many petals.

 7.  Wires and tape – suggest you start with ≠24 and ≠30 wires (others can be added later)Tapes of different colours (most useful is nile green which can be dusted to a darker colour if necessary.

 8.  Ready to use flower paste (or modelling paste if making models) – you can choose to make this yourself, or save time and buy ready to use ones which come in a vast array of colours.

 9.  Paste and dusting colours – choose basic colours to start. Pastes and dusts may be mixed together to create further colours.

 10. Tools  (brushes, scissors, tweezers, fine pliers, wire cutters, frilling sticks) 


Items you may wish to add on to your basic list include:-

Flower formers (or egg cartons/foil etc. may be used)

Posy picks – for holding the wires of your wired flowers to insert into the cake.

Stay fresh mat – for keeping the paste fresh while working on it.

Leaf veining board – to create a centre vein on a leaf for inserting the wire.

Petal base – for ease of rolling out flower paste on board. Prevents any sticking.

Confectioners glaze – to give leaves or any other item an attractive shine.

Glaze cleaner – to clean your brush after use 

Dropper and brush bottles – for convenient dispensing of water or alcohol, either with a brush or handy dropper.

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