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Basic Cake Decorating Equipment

What Basic Equipment will I need to start making and decorating Cakes?

 1.  Good quality baking tins ( 6” 8” 10”  round/square are the most popular sizes and shapes).

 2.  Cake leveller  (to level the top and cut through the middle of the cake ready for filling).

 3.  Palette knives  (long bladed straight and short bladed cranked are the most useful).

 4.  Rolling pins  (suggest 20”and  9” are the most useful and practical sizes).

 5.  Smoother(s) - to give your sugarpaste a flawless finish.  Either use one, or two together to smooth your cake.

 6.  Icing tubes (nozzles) and bags - a basic writing tube and star tube would be a good starting point.  When choosing a bag for piping royal icing,  either silicone/greaseproof (one use only) or a nylon piping bag with adaptor is ideal.

 7.  Tools - a pair of fine bladed scissors, a double ended cutting tool and a sugarcraft  knife are probably the most useful.  Further tools can be added later.

 8.  Good quality brushes -  sable or nylon.  Round and flat for painting and dusting.

 9.  Selection of basic concentrated  paste (gel) colours  (can be mixed to create further colours).

 10. Selection of basic cutters  (suggest round, rose petal and leaf,  ivy leaf,  blossom and other shapes such as heart, star etc.).


To add to this basic list you may wish to consider:-

Marzipan spacers   -   to ensure an even thickness when rolling out marzipan and sugarpaste.

Cake lifter  -  for easy lifting of larger cakes.

Bake even strips  -  To assist even baking of the cake, and prevent the outside from overcooking.

Cake thermometer  -  to test the cake on removal from the oven.

Sugar sifter  -  convenient way to dispense icing sugar when rolling out sugarpaste.

Turntable  -  lifts and turns the cake for ease of decorating. A tilting one is more versatile.

Crimpers  -  a quick and easy way to add decoration to a sugarpasted cake.

Icing ruler  -  for smoothing across the top of royal iced cakes.

Side scraper  -  for smoothing around the side of a royal iced cake.

Alphabet cutters  -  an easy way to create lettering if not confident with piping skills.

Number cutters  -  an easy way to create numbers if not confident with piping skills.

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