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Sugar Flower Paste Sugar Modelling Paste | Florist Paste

Flower & Modelling Pastes

sugar modelling-pastesAs a sugarcrafter, you will always choose the very best products to ensure a great result every time. Our range of sugar florist pastes and modelling pastes have been developed especially for crafting delicate sugar flowers, leaves, bows and frills. Florist pastes are ready to use straight from the pack, are easy to work with and do not dry out too quickly, ideal for all delicate sugarcraft work that requires the strength of a hard-setting paste.  We have a large range of colours and our sugar florist pastes are ideal to use in Tappit sets and to create plaques for all occassions.

Our Selection of Mexican Modelling Paste are perfect ready-made pastes for creating frills and drapes on cakes. The pastes are non-sticky which makes it ideal to use with moulds, making garlands, plaques, and all models where a smooth, strong finish is required.

Our range of sugar florist pastes and modelling pastes are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.